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for the successful retrieval of their assets transferred to IEPF, authority

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The great thing is our expertise which can save you valuable time, including effort, confusion, and other hassles. We will assist you in efficient recovery of shares from IEPF without compromising on quality of services.

Our team belives in delivering comprehensive customer support to ensure a smooth and successful experience throughout the process.

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Asset Retrieval has transformed lives by resolving financial roadblocks. Here, we bring a seamless and effective solution to every fund recovery challenge. You get expertise, dedication, and personalized attention to handle every intricacy

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Success Stories

Since you want rock-solid results, let's break down a few mini-case studies

Following our agreement, we are bound not to reveal the actual identity of our clients; therefore, I will refrain from disclosing the same

Case Study: Havells
  • ● In 1993, our client's father acquired 100 shares of Havells at 40/- per share, totalling an investment of 4000/-
  • ● Over the years, Havells declared consistent dividends and underwent five corporate actions.
  • ● Through these corporate actions, the initial 100 shares expended to 8000 shares by 2014.
  • ● The Client's father had passed away, further complicating the situation.
  • ● The son was completely unaware of their investment in Havells.
  • ● By requesting the client to provide the family tree, we unveiled the forgotten investment in Havells.
  • ● By this time, the share price has risen to 1320/- leading to a total value exceeding 1.05 Crore.
  • ● The remarkable growth showcased a staggering 2600% increase from the original investment
  • ● Not only did we uncover the investment, but we also successfully reclaimed the funds associated associated with it.

What Our Clients Say

"Their expertise and dedication ensured that my funds were successfully retrieved from IEPF without any hassle. I'm truly greatful for their exceptional support"

"From the beginning, I was amazed by their proactive approach and in-depth knowledge. Their team effortlessly guided me through the complex process, and I felt like I was in capable hands throughout."

"The way they handled every detail, from paperwork to communication with the Authorities, it was impeccable. I was thrilled with the results.